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AstaxKrill What is it?

AstaxKrill is the undisputed leader in natural nutritional antioxidant supplements.
Carefully designed and rid of unnecessary ballast, it allows you to provide effective and comprehensive support for the body. It is based on astaxanthin, recognized as the most powerful of the antioxidants. Its first source for scientists was lobster, it happened in 1938. Deep research continued, their subject was various crustaceans, shrimps, trout. Their value is undeniable, but now microalgae are recognized as the best source of astaxanthin in terms of their properties. Exclusively this astaxanthin, combined with krill oil, is the content of AstaxKrill. This allows you to seriously trust him with the task of restoring the balance of the body.

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What is the product?

Each capsule contains Euphausia superba Antarctic krill lipid extract, sunflower oil, porcine gelatin, Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae oleoresin, glycerin and water.

How to take the goods?

Enough 1 capsule per day, washed down with plenty of water. Exceeding the daily dose is not allowed. It should be remembered that this dietary supplement does not replace good nutrition.

How does the product work AstaxKrill?

As an antioxidant supplement, AstaxKrill rids the body of free radicals - reactive oxygen species that form compounds with body cells. This combination damages DNA. The body needs regular protection, which AstaxKrill provides. The ingredients of the drug provide its anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, increase immunity and improve blood circulation. The risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases, resistance to infections increases, vitality returns, and chronic fatigue disappears. There is an improvement in memory and brain function. The combination of antioxidants, valuable fatty acids and minerals in AstaxKrill leads to a rejuvenating effect at the same time. It is expressed in stable skin elasticity, rapid restoration of collagen fibers, and protection from UV radiation. In addition, AstaxKrill helps lower cholesterol levels and stimulates metabolism. By regulating sugar levels, the drug reduces cravings for fatty foods and thus contributes to weight loss. But the action of the active components of AstaxKrill is not limited to this. They provide eye protection and improved vision. The eyes are much less tired and rarely dry out. In order for AstaxKrill to be able to show its full potential, regular and uninterrupted intake is required for several months.


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Indications for use

An antioxidant food supplement is recommended for adults who are concerned about a decrease in vitality, alarming symptoms of chronic fatigue, weakened immunity, slow metabolism, memory impairment, vision problems, cardiovascular and digestive systems. AstaxKrill is also recommended for those who want to increase the effect of sports training, and for those who care about maintaining healthy and well-groomed skin, nails and hair. This is a wonderful supplement for anyone who wants to naturally and safely slow down aging and improve their quality of life.


According to the manufacturer, the source of the ingredients is certified and verified. The product is safe and hypoallergenic. Side effects, subject to compliance with the dosage, have not been identified. During pregnancy, it can be used after consulting a doctor. Contraindicated in children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

Doctor's review

Of the preparations containing astaxanthin, the most effective are those where the main active substance is obtained from algae. AstaxKrill meets this condition. It is clinically proven to be a drug with a long period of action. It is interesting to note that even in cases of overdose up to 500 mg per day, no serious side effect was recorded, except for a small allergic rash on the face.

Customer Reviews

I have always been skeptical about supplements, I thought they were superfluous chemistry. You read the composition - it leads to horror. But with age, I discovered that just proper nutrition is no longer enough for me to keep in shape. Having studied the contents of various nutritional supplements, I chose AstaxKrill: it was the absence of excess in its composition that attracted me. After completing the course, my strength increased significantly, recovery from stress accelerated.
I was frustrated and seriously disturbed by sudden mood swings and feeling as if all the energy was drained from me. I decided to take tests to understand the reason. The doctor reassured me that nothing terrible was found, but he strongly recommended strengthening the immune system and gave several examples of effective remedies for this purpose. I chose AstaxKrill and have never regretted it. After this supplement, I get sick much less often, strengthened my heart, good mood and vital activity became the norm for me.
I have always been a supporter of fish oil, but it turned out that AstaxKrill works even more effectively. In addition to fatty acids, it contains additional ingredients for comprehensive care of the body. Of course, I expected that my physical form would improve - but I did not expect it to be that much. I recommend AstaxKrill to everyone. Good investment in your health.

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