10 best hearing aids

Constant stress on our hearing organ over time can make itself felt, loud, favorite music from trembling headphone speakers or noisy disco in a bar, all these are things that are familiar to us. But how, in such a fast pace of life, to keep hearing or slow down its decline? This is what this article will be about.

How to determine if you have hearing loss?

Most often, hearing loss is not immediately detected. It is a gradual process (unless it is trauma-related) that is not so fast that it can be noticed immediately. If you have tinnitus, then this may be the first bell, after the occurrence of such, you should consult a doctor. But hearing in itself can only deteriorate from old age, so there are various reasons why it can deteriorate. Below are the main ones.
  • Infection. It can be rubella, otitis media, cytomegalovirus infection, etc.
  • Injury to the head or ear. Remember if you had any injuries that could affect this?
  • Genetic defects or birth defects. Perhaps the cause of the disease is heredity. It is worth finding out if your relatives had a similar disease.
  • Age. By old age, many people become weak in hearing. In this case, a hearing aid should be fitted.
  • Drugs that can affect hearing impairment. To identify them, you need to ask your doctor about it.
Long-term exposure to noise or contusion can also cause hearing loss.

How to treat the disease, are there any ways to correct it?

Now there are basically two ways to treat hearing loss. It is important to consult a doctor on time and make an appointment for examinations, of which there are a lot now. Do not hesitate to consult, in such things time plays against you. In many cases, hearing impairment may not be a pathology, but a blockage of the ear canal. So there are two ways to heal.
  • Drug-free. The main essence of the method is to remove sulfur plugs or other obstacles, such as a foreign body. In addition, the patient must follow a special regime, which implies general recommendations for limiting the volume of music and avoiding loud sounds.
  • Medication. The method is based on the use of drugs. These procedures are prescribed only by the attending physician.The drugs can be used both for chronic hearing loss and for sudden deterioration
In any case, dont listen to music loudly and take care of your ears!