10 best remedies for joints

Relief of joint pain with the help of alternative medicine in many cases allows you to achieve a very tangible result. However, such traditional medicine must be coordinated with the attending physician in order to prevent the manifestation of allergic reactions.

Traditional methods of joint treatment

Among the most effective folk remedies for joint pain are the following:
  • herbal decoctions;
  • tinctures and infusions;
  • ointments;
  • gadgets;
  • massage;
  • rubbing;
  • compresses.
Alternative treatment of dystrophic disorders in the joints is associated with the use of such remedies as elecampane root, burdock, Golden mustache, agave, cinquefoil, propolis, badger fat, hot pepper, juniper. Folk remedies of treatment have shown themselves perfectly in practice, allowing to achieve a fairly quick positive result. Golden mustache, as a remedy for joint pain, is used very widely. The plant contains many antibacterial flavonoids and steroids. These components also have an anti-sclerotic effect and relieve tumors. Golden mustache contains a lot of iron, chromium and copper.

Massages and ointments, rubbing and compresses

Rubbing and using ointments during massage can be called one of the most effective folk methods for treating joints. During the massage, local blood circulation is activated, lymph flow normalizes, blood vessels expand and tone up. As a result, it is possible to improve blood circulation in the spine, due to which, in turn, the level of absorption of medicinal plant or animal components will begin to increase. Folk recipes, on which ointments are created, have a warming, analgesic, irritating effect. Due to this, it is possible to eliminate muscle spasm and get rid of pinched nerve endings. Methods of treatment with the use of ointments are recommended to be used in the exacerbation stage without massage, because during such periods it is very easy to provoke a deterioration in the patients condition. The most effective traditional medicine can help a person feel much lighter, and in some cases even significantly improve their condition. Using the petals or burdock flowers, you can make a vodka tincture for the spine and joints. This will require 40 g of flowers, leaves or burdock seeds for half a liter of alcohol (you can use rubbing alcohol). You need to insist 14 days in a dark place. Such a burdock remedy is subsequently applied to the sore spot, wrapping it up.