10 best remedies for menopause

In the life of every woman, sooner or later, there comes a period of menopause. Reproductive function diminishes and gradually fades away, but this process can be accompanied by unpleasant side effects. These side effects are called hot flashes. It is necessary to prepare for such a moment in life, below you can find out how to do it.

How to detect menopause?

Menopause often occurs after the age of 40, but cases of this period may occur much earlier. This can be faced And at 30, and even in adolescence, cases are different and therefore it is important to learn how to identify them in yourself. There are several signs by which we can talk about the time of the onset of menopause, they are listed below.
  • Genetics. In order to navigate how a woman can tolerate menopause, you need to know how it proceeded with her relatives. It has been proven that if a girls family had difficult moments during menopause, then she has many chances for a similar course.
  • General health. If a woman has cardiovascular pathologies, this can affect the time of the onset of menopause and its course.
  • The way of life that a person leads. Constant stress can affect the onset of menopause. If a person leads an unhealthy lifestyle, it may return to him during this period.
There are several four stages of the onset of menopause. By the time of the onset, they can be different and individual for each woman.
  • Premenopause. It occurs at about 40-45 years old a couple of years before the last menstruation. At this moment, the womans body changes greatly, due to which the hormonal background becomes unstable. By that time, the frequency and scarcity of menstruation becomes less frequent. By this time, the woman’s reproductive capacity has already disappeared. In some cases, the first hot flashes are possible during this period.
  • Menopause. During this time, a womans ovaries rarely work, although they can still secrete a female hormone. The hot flashes are already more active
  • Postmenapause is the period after menopause. Most of the symptoms develop during it.

How to reduce the strength of the tides? What are the options to improve the flow?

There are different ways. In order to understand better which one suits you, you need to familiarize yourself with everyone and consult a doctor.
  • Non-drug treatment is applicable in the initial stages. Most often, these are special therapies, massages and sanatoriums. It is suitable for those who have just started premenopause. Relaxation techniques are also recommended.
  • Drug treatment. Medications are used that are similar in substances to female sex hormones, which helps to endure the condition.
Before starting any of the methods, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
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