10 best remedies for papillomas

Almost every person on earth is a carrier of the human papillomavirus. Accordingly, the risk of the appearance of formations on the skin is quite high. It is quite possible to get rid of papillomas. There are many ways to fix this problem.

How to get rid of papillomas

There are many methods to get rid of papillomas. Among the most popular are the following:
  • surgical. Previously, the removal of formations was carried out exclusively by this method. Their excision is performed under general anesthesia. In this case, scars will inevitably remain on the skin. Now this technology is used only in exceptional cases;
  • cryodestruction. The method is very popular. Removal of papillomas during its application is carried out by using liquid nitrogen. The neoplasms are frozen, and then disappear without assistance. However, with such processing there is a risk of negative changes. For example, burns, scarring. In addition, the procedure is quite painful. You have to do local anesthesia;
  • laser treatment. An innovative technique that allows you to remove papillomas almost painlessly and as quickly as possible. Laser exposure is allowed even in the case of growth of neoplasms on overly sensitive areas of the skin. The risk of their reappearance is reduced to almost zero. True, the procedure is expensive;
  • electrocoagulation. The method is also very popular. In this case, high-frequency current is used to remove papillomas. Due to the absence of contraindications, this technique can be used to remove formations in children. However, when using it, there is a risk of repeated growth of papillomas;
  • radio wave excision. During the procedure, a special knife is used. In this case, burns do not appear, healthy skin is not affected. The method is painless, but nevertheless, when using it, local anesthesia is often used.
All of these methods cannot be used at home. I have to go to the clinic. True, there are also means to get rid of papillomas without the help of doctors. They are completely safe and effective. To achieve the desired result, you just need to choose the appropriate option from the proposed list.