10 best parasite remedies

About external and internal human parasites and their treatment Parasitism is one of the oldest ways of existence of the simplest organisms, traces of its appearance date back hundreds of millions of years ago. One way or another, the body of every person is full of microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, fungi. However, the international science of parasitology recognizes only multicellular creatures as parasites, which, in turn, are divided into ectoparasites and endoparasites, or external and internal.


The most common representatives of ectoparasites are pubic and hair lice, scabies, bed bugs and other blood-sucking lice. In a fuller sense, even mosquitoes can be attributed to the group. The group is very extensive, and therefore there is no single way of treatment for them. But the preventive measures are the same - it is imperative to observe the rules of personal hygiene.


Endoparasites are divided into three groups - protozoan organisms, helminths and others (myiasis, candiru and other fairly rare specimens). You just have to put up with some parasites - a strong organism will fight them on its own. Moreover, they contribute to the development and strengthening of immunity in childhood and adolescence - their absence can lead to more severe forms of infection in the future. However, there are types of creatures, which are not recommended to be “contained” inside due to their destructive influence. In such cases, you have to resort to the help of drug medicine.

Diagnostics and treatment

It is practically impossible to identify the pest in the body on your own (with the exception of external species) - with any suspicion it is necessary to go to a specialized doctor. Among helminths and other organisms, they are found in feces, urine and blood. As a result, it is necessary to start treatment only as directed by a doctor. All anthelmintic drugs belong to the prescription class, their nomenclature is very extensive.


Although the risk of catching a pest cannot be completely avoided, it can be significantly reduced,if you do not neglect basic preventive measures, such as:
  • Following good personal and public hygiene practices. Most of the microorganisms are transmitted by the fecal-oral or contact route. I washed my hands - washed off the worm.
  • Eating only good quality water. Tapeworms love to live in raw water.
  • Constant vaccination of pets, especially dogs;
  • Heat treatment of all meat food before consumption, avoiding bloody steaks and raw eggs.
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