10 best remedies for prostatitis

Prostatitis refers to four different conditions that affect the prostate gland. Two types of prostatitis are associated with urinary tract infections, and another has a different course and occurrence. The infection often causes inflammation and pain in men with prostatitis, and the disease can occur at any age. Statistically, this is the most common urinary tract problem in men under 50.

List of Prostatitis Treatments

  • Medicines. As a rule, antibiotics are prescribed first for acute inflammation associated with prostatitis. In the future, as the disease progresses, doctors recommend various procedures to restore normal prostate function.
  • Cystostomy. It is used in the most advanced cases of the disease, as a technique for removing urine from the bladder by introducing a special catheter. Most often, this procedure is prescribed for older people.
  • Prostate massage. It helps clear fluid from the prostate ducts (tubes). If you perform massage 2 or 3 times a week, then you can achieve a certain effect. Also, massage helps with frequent ejaculation.
  • Physiotherapy. Sometimes prostatitis is caused by a problem with the pelvic floor muscles. They support your bladder and bowels, and help with sexual function.
  • Psychotherapy. Stress, depression, and feelings of helplessness can play a role in some types of prostatitis. Here it makes sense to seek help from psychotherapists. They can help you learn to control your negative thoughts so you can feel better.

Treatment of prostatitis with drugs

Oral antibacterial agents are the mainstay of treatment for chronic bacterial prostatitis. At the same time, antibiotic therapy should be comprehensive in order to cover all kinds of infectious agents. Alpha blockers, which relax the smooth muscles in the bladder neck, can help reduce recurrences of pain attacks by reducing urinary obstruction. In addition, there are a large number of prophylactic drugs to avoid relapse. A complete list of funds can be found on our website.