10 best psoriasis remedies

A large number of people suffer from psoriasis. Its most common causes are smoking and liver disease. Most people ask how to cure it. The article will help you find the best treatment.

Types of psoriasis

There are these types of psoriasis:
  • Teardrop. It is characterized by teardrop-shaped spots with thin scales. It occurs in 30-year-old people.
  • Seborrheic psoriasis. This psoriasis has bright red patches under the breasts. Its prone fat people.
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis. This type of disease has itching and rashes that cover the entire body. This form of psoriasis causes loss of fluid and protein.
There are many examples of the best treatments. Here are the most popular ones.

Vitamin supplementation

Vitamin A - accelerates skin regeneration, vitamin B - takes part in metabolism, vitamin D - normalizes the cellular structure.

Advice with a doctor

If you want to cure the disease, then go to the doctor. He will give you helpful advice.

Traditional methods

The best options among folk methods include onions. Its cooking process consists of several stages: the first stage - cut the onion in half, the second stage - rub the surface of the scales. Herbal tincture. To prepare this recipe, you will need valerian, celandine stem, chamomile flowers and sage. Brew boiled water. Add dry herb there and bring to a boil. Cool it down. Try to take several spoons of it a day.


Baths are one of the most beneficial methods. With the help of them, you can achieve results. There are such bath options: salt baths. They are useful in that they relax the body and relieve fatigue. Walnut bath. If you want to cook it, then pour boiling water over the shell and leave the leaves. Boil the shells. Strain well and pour into the bathroom at 38 degrees.

Power control

Compliance with a diet for psoriasis will improve bowel function, get rid of symptoms that cause discomfort. The physician must prescribe the products. With the right diet, you can improve your condition.With psoriasis, you need to stop eating citrus fruits and alcohol.

Using shampoo

The best shampoos are antifungal - eliminates the multiplication of fungal infections and heals wounds on the skin, healing - strengthens the hair, salicylic acid-based shampoos - eliminate the inflammatory process.
Yenki Derm
Dr. Derm