10 best smoking cessation remedies

When fighting smoking, it is worth remembering that no one succeeded the first time. Someone has made more than 30 attempts. The most important thing is determination and great desire. Analyze the causes of stress and try to avoid them Everyone started smoking for a reason. And a person often smokes when he is nervous. Try to exclude such situations from your life as much as possible.
  • Find a new hobby. No matter how trite and even silly it may sound, it will work. When you are carried away by the fact that you really enjoy a lot, the thought of a cigarette will not even dare in your head. The most important thing is to make yourself an attitude: “I smoke because I am bored, not because I want to.”
  • Go in for sports. Sport is the best substitute for all bad habits. Exercise focuses you on achieving a specific goal, improves your mood, teaches you to control yourself, which allows you to forget about the urge to smoke.
  • Come up with your own method of abstinence. At the first thought of a cigarette, take action right away. It can be anything. You can start counting, reading a poem, doing push-ups, drawing circles. The most important thing is to bring it to automaticity. And after the performed actions, you will no longer want to take a cigarette in your hands.
  • Find like-minded people on social media. Nowadays, you can find absolutely everything on the Internet. Enter your problem in a search engine, and you will immediately be highlighted by thousands of people who are struggling with the same addiction. You can share your thoughts, ways to quit smoking, and most importantly, get support and give it to others.
  • Eat right. Proper nutrition is the key to good health and a nervous state. By introducing fruits and vegetables into your diet, you will receive a lot more fiber. And the craving for smoking is equal to the craving for fiber. By replacing a cigarette with an apple, you will not lose anything.
  • Drink more milk. Milk is not a substitute for the fiber sensation, but it will greatly spoil the taste of cigarettes. After such a taste, you will hardly want to pick up a cigarette.
  • Contact a specialist. If the situation has gone too far and you cannot cope on your own, find a trained person in the city. There is no shame in this. He will prescribe special drugs that will gradually reduce the desire to smoke. But go to a specialist with positive reviews. An untrained therapist may prescribe pills that have many unpleasant side effects.