10 best sex toys

Sooner or later, a person or a couple in love comes to a moment when ordinary sex is boring or no longer brings the pleasure it used to. And then all sorts of sex toys come to the rescue. These kinds of things have a beneficial effect on health and, definitely, bring new sensations to the sex life of both partners.


The most famous sex toys are strapons and dildos. They have earned popularity because of their structure, anatomically similar to the male penis. This option is perfect for single women or couples who would like to diversify their sex life, not letting in anyone third.

Vibrators and vibrating eggs

A vibrator is often confused with a dildo. But the main differences will be two factors: the vibrator does not have to be strictly anatomical and is not a simple blank, but a mechanism that works, as a rule, on batteries and rechargeable batteries. They come in different sizes, shapes and combine many modes.

Anal stimulants

This type of sex toy is suitable for both sexes. There are a lot of erogenous zones on the human body, even in those places that at first glance cannot be thought of. The anus of both men and women hides in itself many secret erogenous points, which can be reached by various types of anal stimulants.


The industry of intimate toys has not spared men either. A completely new sensation is given by a mechanical masturbator. The choice is great, such a toy can simulate both vaginal and oral or anal penetration. The market is now being filled with heated models, audio or VR headset connectivity, resulting in a complete variety of satisfaction experiences.

Cock Ring

Cock ring is an extremely curious device for men. Visually, this is a silicone ring of the same size, which, as a rule, is worn on the penis to the base, but this is not necessary - different positions bring different sensations. The purpose of this toy is to prolong an erection by slowing down the blood flow.It is more difficult for a man to end up with such an obstacle, which makes the pleasure from the process stretched and multiplied in the end.

Vacuum pump

Also, a vacuum pump is a device that prolongs male pleasure. The mechanical effect of this toy affects the erect state of the penis, and is also able to anatomically change it both in length and in diameter.