10 best snoring remedies

For the treatment of snoring, many methods have been developed by modern medicine. But before you start fixing the problem, you need to know the root cause of its appearance. Specialists can prescribe highly specialized drugs, various devices, electronic devices.


Facilitates night breathing from the very first application. Such drugs are forbidden to be taken by persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases, since belladonna extract is present in all such tablets. Therefore, before taking them, you should consult a specialist. Preparations, the composition of which is based on natural ingredients, have the least contraindications and side effects.

Sprays and drops

These drugs can make it easier to rest at night if snoring is caused by swelling of the sinus mucosa, insufficient tone of the pharyngeal muscles. Treatment is carried out with tonic, moisturizing, vasoconstrictor, anti-inflammatory and sedative agents. They have a local effect on the problem, they load the body less. But you should not experiment on your own with these funds, a specialist should appoint them.


There are various snoring devices available, including electronic devices. Here are some of them:
  • Chin strap. If snoring occurs due to open mouth.
  • Intraoral mouth guards. They resemble a pacifier for a baby - they allow you to keep the tongue and lower jaw in the correct position. It is not recommended to use them for nasal breathing problems.
  • The clips improve airway patency, restore air movement with each inhalation and exhalation. This device is made of hypoallergenic material and is partly an additional filtering element.
  • Electronic bracelets are worn on the wrist before going to bed, and as soon as snoring sounds are heard, an electrical impulse is given, it is completely safe. Thanks to him, a person understands that he needs to change position.
To understand which method will be the most effective, it is necessary to undergo a diagnostic examination in a specialized clinic.
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