10 best remedies for varicose veins

Varicose veins are a serious medical problem in the modern world. Despite the fact that a lot of technologies have already been invented to treat this ailment, the problem still remains acute.

Treatment methods

  • laser coagulation;
  • adhesive obliteration;
  • mechanochemical obliteration;
  • surgical methods (operations);
  • traditional methods of treatment;
  • drug therapy.
All these methods can be classified as modern, but not all of them can be called high-tech. For example, surgical methods are not entirely satisfactory for patients due to the high trauma to the skin during the operation. Operations using laser coagulation are very popular, because they have a number of advantages. Minor trauma, minor skin punctures. In addition, all this can be done on an outpatient basis and the patient goes home on the same day. Varicose veins have become much younger in recent years Now even thirty-year-old girls have this disease very often. While it is not surprising, a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, all lead to the risk of varicose veins. More often this disease occurs in women, but men are no exception. Heredity is of great importance. If the family had problems with veins along the female line, then they will certainly pass from generation to generation. This is already a proven fact. In this case, only prevention can save. Prevention includes:
  • Locomotor activity. You need to move more, walk, climb the ladders. In general, make the muscles work.
  • Avoiding high heels. Shoes should be comfortable and soft.
  • Weight tracking. Heavyweight people are more likely to suffer from venous problems.
  • Therapeutic gymnastics. Has a positive effect, especially when working sedentary.
  • These are one of the few methods that help reduce the risk of venous congestion and, as a consequence, varicose veins.It is necessary to monitor the state of blood vessels if a person is aware of his heredity and is prone to venous problems. Even perfectly healthy people can face such a problem if they lead an undesirable lifestyle. It is important to respect boundaries. Since working constantly on your feet can also lead to the formation of congestion in the veins. The activity should be balanced. The mode of work and rest in this case is of decisive importance.