10 best eye care products

As soon as a person starts having vision problems, he usually rushes to see an ophthalmologist. After your doctors visit, you have a specific prescription with your metrics and a referral to buy glasses or lenses. Many people think that optics are crutches for the eyes.

Is it possible to restore vision and return it to 100% in a short time?

In this article you will find several methods, including completely free ones.

Special diet

Unfortunately, there is no miracle product that can help restore vision in a short time. An eye-friendly diet includes those vitamins and minerals that strengthen the retina and reduce fatigue. In your diet, focus on citrus fruits, carrots, eggs, liver, blueberries, milk, cottage cheese, avocados and beans.

Special sets of exercises

As a rule, such a complex includes exercises with moving the eyes in different directions (up, down, left, right, in a circle). These manipulations improve blood circulation, nourish the retina, and train muscles. Coupled with other doctors recommendations, eye gymnastics certainly works. But it is completely powerless alone and in the fight against genetics. Hereditary and age-related vision impairments cannot be stopped with exercise.

Wearing lenses and glasses

They say that if you put on glasses once, its forever. Doctors have to fight this myth every day. The fact is that an eye with any pathology (myopia, hyperopia) sees blurry. The retina cannot see a clear image. And if you do not put on glasses in time so that the eye understands what to strive for, it is possible that the state will develop like a lazy eye and no operation will help in restoring vision.

Laser Correction

This is the most effective way to restore vision. True, the procedure is not cheap, and besides, it has a number of limitations. Therefore, before performing the procedure, all patients must undergo a complete diagnostic examination of the vision system, which makes it possible to identify violations and make an accurate diagnosis and make sure that there are no possible contraindications.The latest laser correction technologies allow you to restore vision in one day, are reliable, safe and painless. Each of these methods is good in its own way. It must be remembered that only an integrated approach and taking care of your health will help maintain excellent vision until old age. Now on the market there is a huge amount of vitamins, drugs that help not only preserve vision, but also improve it.
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