Magicoa What is it?

Magicoa is a natural instant cocoa drink designed for comfortable and safe weight loss. There is an opinion that you can get rid of excess weight only with the help of debilitating diets and dangerous, in some situations even crippling, physical exercises. Magicoa destroys stereotypes, helping in just a month to increase the tone of the body, normalize digestion and metabolism, breaking down excess adipose tissue.
Its active ingredients gently but steadily improve the activity of the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Regular use of this delicious drink, which includes a special patented formula, will increase resistance to respiratory diseases, reduce appetite, and return sound healthy sleep. Thanks to him, extra pounds will disappear, leaving behind a strong, slender body, a high charge of vivacity and good mood for the longest possible time.

Information - Magicoa
Name Magicoa
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What is the product?

  • Reishi mushroom extract - reduces cravings for sweets, normalizes blood sugar levels, increases the rate of breakdown of adipose tissue, favorably affects the liver, improves skin condition, strengthens the nervous system.
  • Chicory - improves intestinal motility, normalizes its microflora, reduces the rate of absorption of carbohydrates, increases the production of serotonin, regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Cocoa powder - increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, improves mood, speeds up metabolism, strengthens protection against stress.
  • Black pepper extract - increases the speed of metabolic processes and the breakdown of fats, reduces swelling, removes excess fluid and toxins from the body.
  • Chromium - reduces body fat, normalizes the conductivity of cell membranes, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Pepper extract - a strong antioxidant, fights free radicals that destroy cells, improves blood circulation, accelerates the breakdown of lipids, and prevents obesity.
  • Maltodextrin, a polysaccharide derived from vegetable starch, strengthens muscles, improves intestinal microflora, removes heavy metals from the body, reduces bad cholesterol, and prevents excess weight.

How to take the goods?

1 teaspoon of the drug must be dissolved in 150 ml of boiling water, mix thoroughly. Let it brew for 5-7 minutes, after which the resulting drink can be consumed. The procedure is recommended to be carried out daily 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. The duration of the course of admission is from 30 calendar days.

How does the product work Magicoa?

Magicoa acts in many ways, simultaneously accelerating the removal of toxins and excess fluid from the body, normalizing metabolism, the process of burning fat and improving the functioning of most internal systems. Thanks to the regular use of the drink, already during the first week you can feel a big charge of activity, good mood. In a month, it will become clearly noticeable how digestion has improved, appetite has decreased. The drug allows you to get rid of up to 11-15 kilograms for 1 course, while contributing to the fact that excess weight will not return for a long time, guaranteeing harmony and energy for a long period.


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Indications for use

Any of the stages of obesity, slow metabolism, excessive appetite, insomnia, poor protection of the nervous system from stress factors, predisposition to allergic reactions, various skin rashes (acne), digestive problems, cellulite, swelling, fatigue.


Age up to 18 years, pregnancy, breast-feeding, chronic diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, predisposition to allergic reactions to certain components of this remedy.

Doctor's review

Magicoa is a great example of quality weight loss products. It is based on extremely safe and effective components that not only help to break down adipose tissue, but also block the appearance of new subcutaneous “reserves”. The absence of side effects, pleasant taste, high content of vitamins and minerals, which allow maintaining the body in good shape at the time of weight loss - this is exactly what I am ready to recommend to each of my patients.

Customer Reviews

As much as 10 kg in just a month! Yes, I could not achieve this for the whole six months! Incredible tool! Im very glad I ordered it!
The taste is simply amazing. I drink immediately after I wake up, and then at night. It helps a lot to lose weight. And you don’t even need to additionally monitor calories or go to the gym. A drink for tired after work or very busy people. The most for me!
The skin, probably, was so smooth and toned only in childhood and adolescence. No hint of cellulite. Now Im so slim that I cant even believe it myself! But its true. If not for this cocoa, she would have been shy of her body. But now I have bought open clothes and proudly show the world my beauty!

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