Normadex What is it?

Normadex – is a safe and effective preparation of plant origin, which stops the activity of parasites. The success of the antiparasitic complex of plant extracts has been proven in clinical trials.

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What is the product?

The developed combination of natural components combine to destroy pathogenic microflora:
  • Laurel leaf. The plant serves as an antidote to many poisons. Powerful disinfectant property has a negative effect on small and large parasites. The laurel leaf has a therapeutic effect, aimed at the resorption and dissolution of toxins. In addition to the listed properties, healing effects are noted.
  • Walnut. The product contains valuable trace elements that are detrimental to the organisms of bacteria, parasites. Although the walnut itself is a high-calorie substance, walnut extract will not add extra calories to those who watch their weight. The centuries-old use of this raw material has revealed its therapeutic properties.
  • Dandelion. The uniqueness of the plant lies in its versatility. Acting on the body as a whole, it helps to get rid of many diseases, including helminth infestation. Dandelion is often included in detox preparations because of its many health benefits

How to take the goods?

Normadex is taken once a day, one tablet with water. Consumption can be combined with a meal, but it is not required.

How does the product work Normadex?

The drug is used according to the manufacturers instructions, unless the doctor has prescribed a different regimen. This is the most optimal regimen to remove toxins and neutralize parasites.


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Indications for use

If the next dose is missed or there is doubt that the pill has already been taken, it is necessary to skip one intake, and without increasing the dosage, continue the treatment course. Normadex tablets are taken continuously for a long time. The course is recommended to be repeated if there are animals living in the house.


After studies, the manufacturer has revealed the safety of the drug Normadex even for children. It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with allergic reactions to the ingredients of the composition.

Doctor's review

The best way to fight is always prevention, so in my medical practice I prefer preventive measures. The principle of Normadex supplementation is to eliminate parasites at all stages of their life, to clean tissues and to protect against reinfection for a long time. I recommend to pay attention to this drug of natural origin. Effective and safe use is possible even at the first suspicion of parasitic infections. The earlier the treatment begins, the more successful the result will be.

Customer Reviews

For 2 months I experienced constant fatigue, brokenness. Doctors did not find anything serious, but after further investigation it turned out that my body was subjected to infestation, which I was very surprised. My doctor prescribed Normadex and after a week of taking it I felt positive changes. I was no longer broken, my sleep got better and my skin cleared up.
In my work I often have to neglect hygienic procedures. There is simply nowhere to wash my hands. And now it turned out that my abdominal pain, digestive problems and nausea were caused by parasites. After the prescribed treatment it got a little better, but then everything came back. It was only after I took a course of Normadex that my health normalized.
Doctors diagnosed me with pyelonephritis. After treatment, the disease began to recede. But it turned out that it was only for a while. The chills, nausea, swelling came back again. I went to a private doctor at a fee clinic. He suspected that I had parasites and prescribed Normadex. It was a real relief from the suffering! Now I drink it for prevention.

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