GigantX What is it?

GigantX is a drug for men who are faced with sexual problems, arising, in particular, due to frequent stressful situations, impaired self-esteem. It is produced in the form of capsules, the intake of which according to the recommended regimens allows you to restore or improve your sex life.

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What is the product?

It is multicomponent, contains substances that have long been used for sexual disorders in men, which have proven their effectiveness in many preparations similar in purpose. Among the main ingredients:
  • Amino acid complex Citrulline + Malate, which is a food supplement in the form of a powder with a 2: 1 ratio of components. It is known for improving vascular blood flow, relieving muscle fatigue, and increasing the production of ATP - the main energy sponsor of cells. As part of GigantX: improves the permeability of the vessels responsible for the blood supply to the phallus and, as a result, enhance the erection; increases the duration of intercourse, sexual activity; helps the cells of the penis that have lost their tone to regenerate themselves.
  • RedNite ™ is an instant powder obtained from the first fresh beetroot concentrate with a beautiful red color and pleasant taste. It is a standardized substance with respect to natural nitrate. In the drug, due to vasodilatation, increases blood flow, increases the concentration of nitrogen, which ensures the occurrence of an erection.
In addition, the GigantX formula is enriched with extracts of various substances, plants, and their fruits:
  • Shilajit with 20% fulvic acid content. Ingredient with analgesic, anti-inflammatory action. Thanks to him: improves sex life, sperm quality; spermatogenesis is stimulated; maintains prostate health.
  • Korean ginseng root, which contains 5% ginsenosides. Component: increases the desire for sexual intercourse; maintains an erection of the phallus for a long time.
  • Ginkgo biloba leaves, which contain up to 24% of flavone glycosides. As part of the product: ensures the normalization of blood flow in the genital area; enhances sexual desire, erection due to the beneficial effect on the nervous system.
  • Hot peppers with a 2% content of capsaicin - an alkaloid with a burning taste.A substance with an antioxidant effect, has a positive effect on the state of blood vessels, heart, relieves pain.
  • Fruit of black pepper with 95% piperine content. Ingredient: ensures better absorption of the above-mentioned extracts by the body; leads to improved blood circulation, increased sexual desire.
The product also contains anhydrous caffeine and zinc. The first component increases endurance during intercourse, prolongs it. The second one ensures the concentration and quality of the testosterone hormone at a normal level, increases vitality, the ability to fertilize sperm.

How to take the goods?

The regimen for taking the drug is simple - one capsule every day before bedtime and in the morning after breakfast. Be sure to drink a glass of clean and still water. The effect of the use of GigantX is different for each man, but it is necessarily manifested during the first month of taking the drug.

How does the product work GigantX?

The components in the formula of the product are selected so that, getting inside the body, they contribute to the restoration of the nervous system, normal blood circulation in the pelvic area, genitals. As a result, the mechanisms laid down by nature are renewed, leading to an erection of the penis, an increase in sexual desire. At the same time, the ingredients increase the endurance of the muscular apparatus involved in sexual movements, which guarantees a lengthening of the copulation period, its quality. In addition, as long-term practice has shown, the use of the drug leads to a slight increase in the size of the phallus in an excited state. The list of positive properties of the product: improving the quality of sperm; reducing the time to restore the ability of the penis to have quality sex after ejaculation.


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Indications for use

The tool is recommended by the manufacturer to those men who experience deterioration in sexual health. Its regular use can help restore an erection, increase the duration of intercourse, reduce the time before re-copulation, and always satisfy the partner. For some men, its ability to lead to an increase in the size of the penis in an excited state is important.


They are minimal and concern those men whose body does not perceive the ingredients present in the drugs formula.In this case, the manifestation of allergic reactions is possible, which disappear after you stop taking the capsules.

Doctor's review

I was interested in the appearance on the market of drugs for the restoration of male sexual health of a new product called GigantX. I believed in him immediately after getting acquainted with the composition, which included almost all substances known to official and traditional medicine, used in the treatment of dysfunctions associated with the quality of sexual life. In addition, all of them are of natural origin and are almost completely safe for humans. Today I have quite a lot of statistics on the use of the drug by my patients. Its effectiveness in restoring lost erection, increasing the duration and quality of intercourse is at the level of 95%, which is significantly higher than that of analogues. The manifestation of improvements is observed in some men after one week of taking the capsules.

Customer Reviews

With failures in intimacy with his wife, he began to experience very early - at the age of 35. As a result, the situation almost led to a divorce. Its good that I found out about GigantX in time. I did not think for a long time, I ordered it and began to take it immediately after receiving it. The product was amazing. Awkward incidents in bed are a thing of the past literally after a week of using the product. Peace of mind returned to the family, and confidence returned to me.
I am still quite a few years old, but the stresses at work, in my personal life have led to a decrease in interest in sex, in women in general. The incident was corrected thanks to the new drug GigantX, which was advised by a sexologist, and also my best friend. It took about half a month for this.
Age leads to changes in the body and, in particular, to problems in sexual life. There was dissatisfaction with the wife in sex, and with her irritation in the relationship. I went to the urologist. He recommended a new product - GigantX. It is in capsules that must be taken daily in the morning and evening. Thanks to him, my erection improved, I can now satisfy my wife regularly.

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