Ideal Slim What is it?

Ideal Slim

Ideal Slim What is it?

Ideal Slim is a preparation for the fastest possible weight loss. It is produced in the form of a solution, applied internally in the form of drops. This makes it easy to calculate the individual dosage for each person, depending on their weight and age.

Information - Ideal Slim
Name Ideal Slim
Official site www.Ideal
Price Ideal Slim 39$
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.
Pharmacy Vacation Terms Without recipe
Payment After receiving
Delivery Country United Kingdom, USA, India, Philippines. The whole world
Structure Completely natural
Delivery terms 3-10 days
Availability Yes
Customer Reviews Most positive
Availability in pharmacies No
Availability on Amazon No

What is the product?

Ideal Slim contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that enhance the effect of herbal extracts. The natural ingredients contained in the drops do not cause addiction or allergic reactions in the body.
  • The extract from GREEN COFFEE beans helps burn fat cells and naturally reduce appetite. This in turn lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • The extract from the MANGO pulp helps to remove excess fat from food, increases the overall immunity of the body.
  • GARCINIA extract prevents excess carbohydrates from accumulating in the form of adipose tissue, inhibits the receptors of the hunger center in the cerebral cortex.
  • Squeeze from ASAI berries contains incredible amounts of anthocyanins and antioxidants, which reduce the level of unhealthy cholesterol in the blood and have a general anti-aging effect on the human body.

How to take the goods?

The duration of use of Ideal Slim drops depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. To achieve the maximum and lasting effect, it is advisable to apply drops in courses. The duration of one course is about 30 days. The drug must be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening 30 minutes before meals, diluted with water. A detailed table for calculating the dosage will depend on the persons weight. The table is presented in the instructions inside the manufacturers packaging.

How does the product work Ideal Slim?

Due to the unique combination of components, Ideal Slim drops work in several directions at once:
  • They cleanse the body at all levels: hardened feces are removed from the intestines, metabolism at the cellular level is improved, the cells of organs and tissues are freed from excess water and mineral salts.
  • The feeling of hunger is dulled and felt weakly due to the blockage of nerve endings in the center of hunger of the cerebral cortex.
  • Regular use of Ideal Slim improves the general condition of the body and strengthens the immune system.
  • Due to the cumulative effect, even after the drug is discontinued, the effect persists for a long time.
  • The work of the digestive system improves, it becomes regular. Disappears such manifestations as bloating, diarrhea, constipation.


  • Media Reviews
  • Confirmed by doctors
  • Low price
  • Natural composition
  • Popular people's opinions

Indications for use

Ideal Slim is indicated for people who are losing weight or controlling it, as well as people who have the following disorders of the body:
  • being overweight
  • abdominal obesity
  • digestive disorders not associated with pathological changes in the body.


Ideal Slim drops should not be used in the presence of chronic diseases in the acute stage. If there are chronic diseases or allergic reactions to the herbal components of the drug have been noticed, you should consult a specialist.

Doctor's review

Ideal Slim works better than similar weight loss products. Acts gently and quickly. There is no withdrawal syndrome. For each client, the effect of the intake is expressed to a different degree, and this is natural, each organism is unique. But the result is always positive. Ideal Slim has an optimal composition of natural ingredients. In my practice, there were no cases when the drops did not fit the patient. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to use the drug correctly, follow the instructions and recommendations of the doctor.

Customer Reviews

I bought drops for the action, they cost only 00.00 rubles. I have been accepting for 2 weeks already. The result is very encouraging. Already gone 4 kg.! At the same time, I am not starving and I am in a great mood! This is not another laxative. It is a pity that such drops cannot be bought at the pharmacy yet.
I ordered 2 bottles. The first is almost over. In the first week, it took 2 kg, now the weight is in place. I would like to note the general improvement in the body. There were problems with stool: constipation and flatulence, she often took laxatives. Now they have become unnecessary. Hope the weight starts to go away.
Regular slimming drops. There are many of them in the pharmacy. Weight goes away, but very slowly. The price is really low, in comparison with branded products and does not drive to the toilet as often as from Turboslim. I don’t see any pluses yet.

Where to buy this product?

Price Ideal Slim



Where to buy this product from a store or pharmacy?

Unfortunately, this product is only sold on the official website. In pharmacies and stores in your country it is not.

What smell and taste?

This product does not have a characteristic smell and taste.

Is it safe to use?

According to customer reviews, there is no danger to use this product. Consider contraindications and indications for use

What is the official website of Ideal Slim?

You can find the official website above by clicking on the blue button.

How to order Ideal Slim?

It is very simple to order a product: go to the official website, leave your phone number and name there, after which the manager will call you, specify your address and other data and confirm your order.

In which countries sold Ideal Slim?

According to the official website, Ideal Slim is sold in all countries of Europe and Asia.

How long does delivery take?

On average, delivery takes 3-10 days, depending on your address.

Is Ideal Slim a scam?

We checked this product, ordered it and tested it. According to our data, Ideal Slim is not a hoax, but a quality product.


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